The Shaping of Asian Wedding Photography

Each photographer of every culture has their own unique style that they bring with them to their photography.

However, depending on the location of the photographer and/or the couple, the trends and themes of the photo shoots tend to be similar. Asian wedding photography is inspired by history and rooted in ancient traditions, while also staying true to the ever-changing times. Each couple has their own vision of what they want to express in their wedding photos. After all, a picture says a thousand words! These photos are meant to celebrate and share their love with their friends and family in attendance at their wedding. Pre-wedding photography is an opportunity for the couple to show themselves to their guests in a fun and loving way.

Trends and themes in Asian Wedding Photography


Some couples choose more traditional themes for their photos which revolves around a setting that is relevant to tradition and it also means that the couple would be wearing traditional attire in the photos as well. Other couples go for a modern, yet appropriate theme that expresses their youth and happiness for the bond that they are about to form. In many photos, the couples use props such as, letters spelling out the word Love. Another observation to be noted is that in both the traditional and modern photos, there is a lot of use of the colour red. The bride-to-be is wearing a beautiful red dress, in most cases. The photographer also plays with angles and their own poses and stances while taking the pictures.
Within the last 10 years, there has been an influx in Asian couples choosing London as their wedding photo shoot destination. London and famous landmarks seem to be a popular trend in destinations for wedding photos.

After all the pictures are taken and everyone is happy with the results, the pictures are creatively displayed at the wedding. This could be in the form of life-size cutouts, large poster-like display at the entrance, or they could be on cards at each guests’ table.

Factors and benefits that contributed to the rise in Pre-wedding Photography


Compared to the western culture, Asian weddings tend to be shorter in length. Since the weddings are shorter, there is much less time for the couple to take pictures. Taking the pictures before the day of the event has its many benefits, which is why it got so popular. Wedding photography is a $100 billion industry and there is no slowing down. Couples are going all out when it comes to their wedding, and their photos are no exception. For high-end businesses, one could end up spending and minimum of $80,000 per package. The average cost for wedding photos is currently around $100,000.